Monitoring and optimizing water and fertilizer supply to vegetable plants

Introducing our groundbreaking digital twin technology tailored for the fertigation process in controlled environments.


A Glimpse into Precision Farming and its Advantages

Cutting-Edge Analysis

Advanced forecasting models are used to predict precise fertigation requirements, ensuring optimal growth.

Real-Time Data Collection

IoT sensors gather live insights on soil moisture, temperature, pH, electrical conductivity, and NPK levels, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your crops’ needs.

Smart Fertigation Automation

An automated IoT system seamlessly delivers calculated NPK values for future crops, promoting efficient water and fertilizer utilization.

User-Friendly Interface

A mobile-based UI empowers farmers to remotely monitor and control the fertigation process, offering unparalleled convenience.

Seamless Connectivity

IoT devices, cloud servers, and the user interface seamlessly communicate to ensure real-time responsiveness.

Data-Driven Decisions

Rule engines and decision algorithms activate actuators based on calculated NPK values, ensuring every crop receives tailored care.

"Elevating vegetable cultivation to new heights with our innovative digital twin technology. Witness healthier, thriving crops while contributing to a sustainable future”